Terrisa Mark

Terrisa Mark is a University of Miami student, currently completing her Master of Arts degree in journalism.

Growing up, she had a huge passion for writing and speaking and debated between becoming a journalist or a lawyer. Eventually she chose journalism due to the exciting thrill she would receive when reading articles that dealt with in-depth research.

Terrisa has been heavily involved in journalism in the past four years, gaining different experiences in both print and broadcast journalism. Her main goal is to become a reporter on Good morning America, as she’s truly obsessed with the variety of hard-core news, sport and interactive stories that are all covered on the show.

She is extremely excited to intern at WLRN, to learn the everyday activities that goes into make great radio stories. Her hobbies include track and field, traveling and reading.

State Representative Evan Jenne called for negotiations with the Seminole Tribe of Florida to reinstate the annual payments of an estimated $350 million suspended by the tribe after a failure to reach an agreement about the future of gambling in the state. "That's just too much money to be left out there unaccounted for in our budget," said the legislator.