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Items From Two Disney Rides Reported Stolen From Shed

Statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse in front of Cinderella's Castle at Walt Disney World.
Parts of Peter Pan's Flight and Space Mountain were stolen. COURTESY FLICKR CREATIVE COMMONS

A Florida sheriff’s office is investigating the apparent theft of items used in Peter Pan’s Flight and the Space Mountain roller coaster at Walt Disney World.

An employee doing inventory in a storage shed on Oct. 1 noticed a set of sails was missing from the Peter Pan ride. He then realized that a “shell” and three seats from the roller coaster were also missing.

The Orlando Sentinel reports a manager contacted the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. An incident report says the items were in a padlocked shed.

A Disney official declined comment, saying it’s a law enforcement issue.

The black market for rare Disney items is lucrative. Earlier this year, a now ex-Disney employee and his cousin were accused of breaking into Haunted Mansion and stealing items.