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How To Keep The Kids Occupied Over Winter Break

Denise Mastanza-Taylor and family

If your children are home from school over winter break, here are some ideas on how to keep them occupied. 

"Let's start with active, because if I don't get my kids out of the house, we're all going to lose our minds over the Christmas, or holiday break, " said Denise Mastanza-Taylor. She's the founder of Tampa Bay Bloggers.  

She also has her own fitness, food and family blog called "Run DMT."

Mastanza-Taylor said, "What's so great about our area, is we have an unbelievable number of trails that you can get out and bike, you can walk, you can do walk-running with your family, you can do so much outdoors."

And if bad weather should keep you indoors, Mastanza-Taylor suggests a different sort of card game where you can assign a workout to a face card. So, say if you draw a two of hears, you do two jumping jacks. And you can set a timer and plan to do this activity for at least 20 minutes.