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The StoryCorps Mobile Tour is partnering with WUSF Public Media to record and preserve the stories of Tampa residents and preserve them in the Library of Congress. For 16 years, the StoryCorps Mobile Tour has brought loved ones together for thousands of meaningful conversations about the things that matter most.

StoryCorps Tampa Bay: Memories of growing up in Tampa to Spanish immigrant parents

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Courtesy: StoryCorps
Alice Hill and her daughter Carla Saavedra.

Carla Saavedra talks with her mother Alice Hill, who was born in Tampa in 1936 to Spanish immigrant parents.

Alice Hill was born in Tampa in 1936 in a hospital on Bayshore Boulevard that catered to Spanish immigrants. The hospital is no longer there; however, Hill now lives only blocks from where she was born.

"I've come full circle," Hill said to her daughter Carla Saavedra.

Both of Hill's parents immigrated from Spain to live in Tampa.

"My father came at the age of 13, by himself, to work in the cigar factories [in Ybor City], My mother came later, when she was 18," she said.

After a short time living in Detroit, Mich., because her father was blackballed from the Tampa factories after trying to unionize, the family returned and Hill was born in Tampa.

Hill told her daughter that her biggest regret in life is that she never went to college, but enjoyed raising Saavedra and her siblings.

"The thing I would want you all to know is how much I loved you, each, and that you have all become such good citizens and loving people," Hill said. "That's my greatest achievement."