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StoryCorps Tampa Bay: Coping with loss brings this couple together

Courtesy: StoryCorps
Brittany Burr and Cameron Drake talk about how grief has shaped their lives.

Cameron Drake and his fiancée Brittney Burr talk about how grief has impacted their lives and also brought them together.

Cameron Drake's mother was diagnosed with cancer when he was 14 years old. She died when he was 17. Three years later, his father also died. Cancer took Brittney Burr's mother within a year.

"[My mother] beat lung cancer and went into remission, then came brain cancer and she beat that and then got breast cancer," Drake said. "Because she kept bouncing back, we thought she was invincible."

Drake's father never recovered from the loss of his wife.

"He gave up," Drake said. "That was the love of his life."

Almost three years after the death of his mom, Drake's father died too.

Brittney Burr also felt as though her mom was going to bounce back from her cancer diagnosis.

"For me it was very sudden," Burr said. "The whole process took one year. She was diagnosed on her birthday and a month after her next birthday she was dead."

Both Drake and Burr went to the University of South Florida to study behavioral health, which is where they met and fell in love.

"We get married in a few months," Drake said. "Out of the grief, out of the death, out of the loss and out of the trauma, something beautiful happened."