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StoryCorps Tampa Bay: Second marriages, and second chances

 Maria Gsell and her husband Ted Murray
Courtesy: StoryCorps
Maria Gsell and her husband Ted Murray

Ted Murray and Maria Gsell talk to each other about how resiliency has helped them through tough times.

Ted Murray and Maria Gsell talk about how resiliency has helped them endure the tough times in their first marriages, the pain of war, the pain of losing a beloved spouse, and how in the six years they’ve been married they’ve been given a second act to their lives.

"Ted and I met in 2015 and were married in 2016," Gsell said. "One of the things that we have most in common is our resiliency."

Murray agrees and said resiliency is an important characteristic to develop. It was this resilience that enabled Murray to end a difficult 25-year marriage to his first wife.

Resilience also served him well during the Vietnam War, where he was shot during an ambush. He escaped with shrapnel in his chest and stomach.

"I kept moving to the place where we had set up as a rally point," he said. "I remember being amazed that I was still going."

Gsell explained that it was only through being resilient that she got over the loss of her first husband.

"When he passed away I was so afraid. I was so afraid for so many reasons," She said. "Now ... I think about how my life went such a crazy route. I'm thankful for what I had, and what I have. "