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StoryCorps Tampa Bay: The difficult choice of giving up a child for adoption

Courtesy: StoryCorps
Kayla Heath (right) talks her best friend Dana Peska about how Dana came to the decision to give her son up for adoption.

Dana Peska shares a conversation with her friend Kayla Heath about her experience giving a child up for adoption.

Dana Peska tells her best friend, Kayla Heath, about her experience of giving up a child for adoption, and how she came to this difficult decision to decide what was best for her unborn son, a family in need, and herself.

At 24, Peska found herself pregnant with a second child and no longer in a relationship with the baby's father.

"My son was about a year and a half when I found myself pregnant again," Peska said. "I was already a single mom. Already having a child and knowing how much love I had for him, I couldn't bring myself to have an abortion. I really didn't know what I was going to do."

Before her son was born, Peska decided to give her son up for adoption to a family from her church.

"You made the right decision," Heath said. "These beautiful parents were ready to be parents."