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Arrest Warrant Scam Hits Tampa Bay


In recent months, an arrest warrant scam has stirred up trouble in Tampa Bay. The scam involves a phone call from somebody posing as a law enforcement officer, insisting that the recipient of the call post a bond for missing jury duty. Victims are instructed to buy a "Green Dot" pre-paid card worth the amount that they owe, in order to avoid arrest. According to Mike Puetz of the St. Petersburg Police Department, one 84-year-old victim was taken for $12,000.

Puetz says this is not how law enforcement does business. "Legitimate law enforcement, business entities, utility companies do not operate that way. You will always receive a letter if those issues come up, and at no time will you ever be asked to provide payment, be it on one of these pre-paid cards."

Police are advising those contacted to hang up and immediately call their local law enforcement.