Growing Unaffordable

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WUSF News is highlighting America's affordable housing crunch and its impact here at home.

For months, our reporters have been talking with residents and others affected in one part of the Tampa Bay region - Hillsborough County. Professionals, families and seniors are all facing a reality where city skylines continue to grow, but places they can afford are getting harder to find.

How We Got Here: Hillsborough County's Growing Housing Affordability Crisis

Credit Daylina Miller / WUSF Public Media

As the city of Tampa’s skyline continues to grow, access to affordable housing is shrinking. A perfect storm of events has contributed to the county’s growing affordability crisis.     Read more...

State's Affordable Housing Trust Fund Has Become More Theory Than Practice

Florida has its own dedicated resource for affordable housing. But the program isn't working as intended.     Read more...

Agencies Struggle To Help Low-Income Renters Find Affordable Housing

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With rents on the rise, Hillsborough County's poorest residents have been the first to be priced out of the market. This has left the Tampa Housing Authority struggling to meet the demand for low-income housing and section 8 vouchers.     Read more...

Hillsborough's Growing Senior Population Needs More Affordable Housing

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The demand for public housing in Hillsborough County affects some of its most vulnerable residents: senior citizens.     Read more...

Housing Instability Creates Challenges For Families, Educators

Credit Daylina Miller / WUSF Public Media

Public education is supposed to be the great equalizer. And while it's easy to focus on teachers and curriculum, where a child's lives, can also impact learning.     Read more...

Homeownership Programs Help Renters Find Stability

Credit Stephanie Colombini / WUSF Public Media

For many people struggling to afford rent in this area, owning a home could provide more space, more stability, sometimes even a lower monthly cost. But a lot of them don't believe home ownership is attainable. Government agencies and housing advocates are working to change that.     Read more...

Why Are We Building Luxury Homes In An Affordable Housing Crisis?

Credit Daylina Miller / WUSF Public Media

Despite a growing demand for more affordable single-family homes and rentals, private developers aren’t building them.     Read more...

Hillsborough’s Housing Crunch: Searching For Solutions

Credit Cathy Carter / WUSF Public Media

While rents continue to rise, advocates for affordable housing on the local, state and national level say there is some reason to hope.    Read more...