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Florida Matters
Read our current and previous coverage of the 2018 election season as you prepare to cast your ballot. You'll find information on important races, explanations of constitutional amendments and details of local referendums.

Is The I-4 Corridor Still Important In Florida's Elections?

Mary Shedden

This week on Florida Matters we discuss the key races in the upcoming general election and the power wielded by voters in the Interstate 4 corridor.

The Tampa Bay area and Orlando have always been a bellwether for predicting how the rest of the state will vote, but why is that the case? And is that still true during what feels like such a divided election? To answer these questions, host Robin Sussingham spoke to political analyst and distinguished Professor Emerita Susan MacManus and Tampa Bay Times correspondent William March. 

Ahead of the general election next week, the roundtable will also discuss the key races and demographics that will shape the results of what is expected to be a nail-biter. MacManus says she believes the voting patterns of young people in Florida will be the determining factor in the election.