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Clyde Butcher's Photographs A Lesson In Patience

The renowned photographer Ansel Adams once said, "Sometimes I do get to places just when God's ready to have somebody click the shutter."

Clyde Butcher, whose expansive nature photographs of Florida have been compared to Adams, seemingly has to wait a bit longer. He's been known to wallow in alligator-infested waters an entire day - just waiting for the right light.

Some of his favorite works are now on display at the Tampa Bay History Center. He takes WUSF's Steve Newborn on a guided tour, first looking at an evocative photo of the Gulf of Mexico from a beach in the Panhandle.

You can view "Preserving Eden: Clyde Butcher's Florida Photographs" through January 8 at the Tampa Bay History Center.

Credit Clyde Butcher
Clyde Butcher
Gaskin Bay