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See an Animated Reenactment of the Capture of Scooter the Llama

AP Photo/Leon County Sheriff's Office

We told you earlier about the weekend capture of a llama on the lam. Now the furry fugitive may become a YouTube sensation.

The folks at TomoNews US, which creates reenactments of news stories in the style of Taiwanese animation, have given "Scooter" the llama the digital treatment.

The video depicts the exploits of Scooter, who escaped his penned-in yard in Tallahassee: roaming the neighborhood, hopping a fence to elude capture and finally being Tasered and caught by sheriff's deputies.

(Disclaimer: No animated llamas were hurt in the making of this video... as far as we know. Scooter's doing fine, as well.)

What's next for the livestock-turned-media-mogul? We're thinking a children's book: Llama Llama AWOL Drama.