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Ex-Hillsborough superintendent Addison Davis is hired as an education consultant

 Addison Davis wears white shirt and blue blazer, folding arms as he smiles for camera
Julio Aguilar
Addison Davis's new title is equity partner and he'll work in the firm's Business Transactional Advisory practice.

Addison Davis will be able to work remotely after expressing his desire to leave the Tampa area district and be closer to family in northeast Florida.

Former Hillsborough Schools Superintendent Addison Davis, 47, has a new job at Strategos, the management consulting firm with offices in Tampa and Tallahassee said Tuesday.

When Davis announced in June he would resign as Hillsborough County superintendent as of mid-July after three years in the post, he said he wanted to spend more time with his family in northeast Florida. His new role allows him to work remotely.

Davis began his career as a teacher in Duval County, the country’s 20th largest school district, then moved up the ranks to eventually become chief of schools. Later, he became superintendent of Clay County schools. Davis took the helm at Hillsborough County schools in March 2020, right at the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

Davis was hired as an equity partner and will work in a section of the firm called the Business Transactional Advisory practice.

"District partners are looking for a trusted third-party validator to ask questions about potential solutions and offerings that they're considering implementing," said Strategos Group Managing Partner Adam Giery, explaining Davis's role.

"And Addison is going to serve as that advisor, advising private sector companies that are aspiring to be in this market about how do you build things that are best for kids? How do you really work on high value implementation?"

Giery said Davis is the first district superintendent to be hired by Strategos.

"As a management consultancy, with Addison's arrival, we have captured what we believe is every single seat in the education ecosystem, from teacher to school administrator to legislator to state superintendent," Giery said.

Davis declined to say exactly when negotiations for his new position began, but said he has been in contact with the firm for five years.

"I really fell in love with how they are intentional about how they help school districts find the right solutions and really create the best moments for school districts and ultimately for children," Davis told WUSF.

"I'm going to work hard every single day to be able to help potential clients find the best solutions they can to be able to help children every single day. And, you know, that mission for me has never stopped."

Davis's salary will be a percentage of the firm's revenue.

I cover health and K-12 education – two topics that have overlapped a lot since the pandemic began.