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'ReadyRosie' Helps Parents Create Teaching Moments

Early Learning Coalition of Hillsborough County

It's been said that a parent is a child's first teacher.

That's the point behind the Early Learning Coalition of Hillsborough County's 'ReadyRosie' program. Parents and caregivers subscribe and get daily emails with videos explaining how to incorporate reading and math into the daily routine.

Tracie White is the Director of Communications at the Coalition. She said parents don't need any special training to teach these lessons.

"Doing the laundry, trips to the grocery store. Things that you do all the time, and gives parents or caregivers real-life tips and activities to do with their children that turn those everyday moments into teachable moments," White said.

'ReadyRosie' is meant for parents of pre-school age children, and all the videos are available in English and Spanish.