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Newsweek: Florida Colleges Are Among Least Rigorous, Biggest Party Schools

Joseph C. Gamble
USF Communications and Marketing

Newsweek has ranked the country's least rigorous four-year colleges according to the percentage of applicants admitted, median SAT/ACT scores, workload and student-faculty ratio.

Florida schools didn't do so hot:

1.  University of Central Florida

2.  Florida State University

4.  University of South Florida*

14. Florida Atlantic University

21. University of Florida

Remember, we're talking about the least rigorous schools, so ranking in the top 25 is bad.

No Florida university made the most-rigorous list.

But that's not all. Newsweek also ranked the nation's top party schools according to on-campus arrests and disciplinary actions for drug and alcohol use. West Virginia University was No. 1, but several Florida colleges made the top 25:

9. University of Florida

13. Florida State University

25. Rollins College

To find out which Florida school was named most beautiful, check out the StateImpact Florida blog.

*Not to be be picky, but for the USF listing, the Newsweek editors accidentally used a pic of California State Polytechnic University-Pomona. Mountains in Florida? Always visit the campus in person, kids.