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Manatee County Schools Ban Energy Drinks


Manatee School District is the first in the state to ban energy drinks in school.

Energy drinks like  5 Hour Energy, Red Bull, and Monster won't be allowed on school grounds in Manatee County this upcoming school year.

Monday night, the school board unanimously voted to ban energy drinks.

Manatee Schools spokeswoman Margi Nanney says secondary school administrators brought up the issue.

"The students bringing them to school consuming them and then some of them exhibiting high levels of anxiety and you know just being hyper," she said, "and we looked at the sugar content, the caffeine content, and they said that's just not really conducive for a healthy learning environment."

Nanney says officials also considered childhood obesity.

"Certainly the childhood obesity problem that we have everywhere that's so prevalent and been on the news is another thing that we really looked at."