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Tuition Hike Rates Settled for State Universities

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After many votes and re-votes, the Board of Governors finally settled on tuition hike percentage rates for Florida's universities.

On Thursday, universities proposed a range of percentage increases for the upcoming school year's tuition. The Board of Governors was having a hard time accepting many of those proposals.

The Lakeland Ledger said after failing to approve a 15 percent increase for many of the universities by mid-afternoon, the discussion continued to more votes and re-votes.

For instance, it took five tries before the board agreed on a percentage for the University of Central Florida. It started with a 15 percent proposal that was denied and ended with a motion for 15 percent that was approved.

State Impact Florida said it was a similar issue with Florida State University.

The board proposed a 15 percent increase for Florida State University — it failed. Then they tried a 14 percent hike — spiked again. The board then proposed a 13 percent increase, which failed without a majority on an 8–8 vote.

The settled increased tuition rates are:

  • Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University      12 percent
  • Florida Atlantic University                                            15 percent
  • Florida Gulf Coast University                                       12 percent
  • Florida International University                                 15 percent
  • Florida State University                                                  13 percent
  • New College of Florida                                                     15 percent
  • University of Central Florida                                        15 percent
  • University of Florida                                                           9 percent
  • University of North Florida                                           13 percent
  • University of South Florida                                           11 percent
  • University of West Florida                                             14 percent