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Florida Polytechnic Committee Has More Questions Than Answers

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The Select Committee on the new Florida Polytechnic University met Wednesday for the first time. It's likely the transition details will not be completed by the July 1 deadline.

After the creation of Florida Polytechnic, a select committee now has to figure out the details of the transition. But the committee has more questions than answers.

The main problem: Florida Polytechnic still doesn't have a Board of Trustees.

Chairman of the committee Mori Hosseini said he hopes to have a board in place by September and the process is already underway. "It is just so important for us to get the highest of quality of people who want to serve their country and serve their students," he said.

Until a board is chosen, the select committee is making decisions on items that need attention before the July 1st deadline. July 1st marks the date when funds allocated for USF Poly are transferred to Florida Polytechnic.