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Sunshine SPJ Florida Diversity Award Entry: Dalia Colon

In support of the SPJ core mission encouraging diversity, WUSF is entering the work of Reporter and Producer Dalia Colon who has been with the station for more than four years.

She's an active member of the National Association of Black Journalists Tampa Bay Chapter, is fluent in Spanish and actively recruits student journalists of color to intern in our WUSF news room.

We are submitting five examples of Ms. Colon's radio work for the Sunshine SPJ Florida Diversity Award:

As Zimmerman Verdict Looms, Case Resonates in Tampa Bay:

Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law Used in Unintended, ‘Bizarre’ Ways:

Eric Deggans on Race: ‘Is It Possible that You’re not Sensitive Enough?’:

Reunion Concert Is Retiring Choir Director’s Swan Song:

Hurricanes: What’s in a Name?: