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Charles Sanders Loves WUSF

Dalia Colón

For listener Charles Sanders, supporting public radio is a longtime habit. 

"My name is Charles Sanders, and I came here today to help WUSF celebrate their 50th anniversary. I've been a Cornerstone member now for about four or five years. I have supported WUSF pretty much ever since I moved to the Tampa area. I have always been a strong supporter of public radio ever since I was in college at the University of Texas in Austin. I have always valued the news programming as a primary source of news for me and my family.

"I certainly have always felt a need to contribute to the eclectic programming that they have, and new music, classical music, jazz: WUSF brought the whole spectrum. Particularly after they added the classical music station, we basically cover the whole spectrum of what I enjoy listening [to] in public radio."