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James Tokley is Named Hillsborough County's Poet Laureate


It's been 17 years since former Mayor Dick Greco named James E. Tokley as Tampa's Poet Laureate. Today, the Hillsborough County Commission approved Tokley as Hillsborough County's Official Poet Laureate.

"Some of the poems that he writes just grab you by the heart and you just can't turn loose when you hear him speak," said commissioner Les Miller.

Tokley told the commissioners of a recent conversation he had with Bay News 9's Dalia Dangerfield, when she asked him what he would say when he was presented with the new title.

"The noblest thing I could think to say was 'thank you.' However, Ms. Dangerfield said that wasn't enough," Tokley said.

Tokley also recited a poem he'd written. To hear it, click 'listen' above.