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VIDEO: Sprinklers Interrupt Dolphins-Seahawks Game in Miami

YouTube screen shot

Football players are used to being showered with cheers from fans, and winning coaches relish a Gatorade shower. But an actual shower during the game? Not so much.

That's what happened Sunday during the Miami Dolphins-Seattle Seahawks game in South Florida. With under two minutes left in the third quarter, Sun Life Stadium's sprinklers went off, soaking the field and interrupting a Dolphins drive.

Here's the video:

"This is just Miami's way of showing a little Seattle hospitality," quipped the play-by-play announcer.

Actually, according to this update from the Miami Herald, the culprit was a malfunctioning computer system. The sprinklers thought it was Saturday.

The Dolphins went on to win the game, 24-21.

"You know what? In all my years of football, that’s a first one," Dolphins running back Reggie Bush said after the game, according to the Herald. “It kind of reminded me of the old 18th hole trick where you send a rookie out there at 9 p.m. and the sprinklers come on.”

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Either that, or this commercial for Buffalo Wild Wings.