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Men's Health: Tampa Most Vain City in America

Chris O'Meara

Tampa, you're so vain, you probably think this study is about you.

Actually, it is! Men's Health has completed a highly-scientific study of vainness, and Tampa has come out on top.

We even beat Miami (No. 8, take THAT South Beach.)

I've always thought of the Tampa Bay area as more "Margaritaville" than "Miami Vice." But numbers don't lie.

How, you may ask, did Men's Health come up with these rankings? It's based upon these factors:

  1. Percentage of Botox users, dye jobs, and people who will spend anything to look younger.
  2. Sales of at-home hair dyes, teeth whiteners, and shapewear
  3. Rates of cosmetic procedures, cosmetic dentists, plastic surgeons, and tanning salons

This story hit very close to home for me...because I live in the most vain city, but I'm from Iowa, and guess what the least vain city is?
Des Moines. Even the name lacks vanity.

One quibble -- does use of hair dye and teeth whitener say we're vain...or that we're old? Just wondering.

The 10 Most Vain and 10 Least Vain cities are as follows:

Most Vain

1. Tampa, FL                                                 

2. Plano, TX                                                                      

3. Atlanta, GA                                                    

4. Las Vegas, NV                                                    

5. Dallas, TX                                                                          

6. Pittsburgh, PA                                                         

7. Houston, TX                                                       

8. Miami, FL                                                   

9. San Francisco, CA                                  

10. Providence, RI                                        


Least Vain

 91. Memphis, TN     

92. Toledo, OH   

93. Detroit, MI         

94. Burlington, VT        

95. Fort Wayne, IN    

96. Kansas City, MO

97. Fargo, ND   

98. Sioux Falls, SD                 

 99. Lincoln, NE                      

100. Des Moines, IA   

Click here to read the full list.

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