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Contrary to Twitter Posts, Malcolm Glazer is Still Alive

Malcolm Glazer

What does Tampa Bay Buccaneers owner Malcolm Glazer have in common with rapper Kanye West and actor/comedian Robin Williams? They've all been subjects of death hoaxes on Twitter. 

Huffington Post UK reports that Twitter user @Danny_McMullan posted: "CNN Reports from Tampa- Malcolm Glazer dies in hospital at 2am local time following 3rd massive stroke. #mufc #glazer #RIPMalcolmGlazer".

That tweet has since been pulled, with @Danny_McMullan later posting "WHAT A DAY FOR TELLING LIES ON THE INTERNET." and "Sorry, Malcolm. I understand this isnt the kind of interest you're usually after. Forever in your debt."

Glazer, who also owns Manchester United, the most valuable team in sports, has seldom been seen in public since a pair of strokes in 2006. He turns 84 this Friday.