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Modern Notebook for October 9, 2022

Flutronix - Allison Loggins-Hull and Nathalie Joachim

On this week’s Modern Notebook: Both virtuosity and an exploration of improvisation can be heard in Vivian Fung’s Bird Song - and, as the title suggests, you will also hear passages that evoke the sounds of bird calls. Then, music that expands the limits of traditional concert music. Not only is the piece co-composed by members of two different ensembles - but, the ensembles also perform it. It’s a piece called Rubix, by the groups Flutronix and Third Coast Percussion.

We’ll also hear music by David Liptak, Ledah Finck, Carlos Simon, Sarah Bernstein, and others; and performances by clarinetist Andy Hudson, Veer Quartet, Admiral Launch Duo, and more.

Hour 1
  • Tan Dun’s Blue Orchid.
  • Two Nocturnes by David Liptak.
  • Natalie Moller’s starshine & moonfall.
  • Be Still and Know by Carlos Simon.
  • Judd Greenstein’s Sing Along.
  • Bird Song by Vivian Fung.
  • Ledah Finck’s If I Were Only Halfway Home.
20221009 MN Collage Hr 1_17.png

Hour 2
  • Andrew Norman’s Sabina.
  • Rubix by Futronix & Third Coast Percussion.
  • Sarah Bernstein’s News Cycle Progression.
  • My Father Knew Charles Ives by John Adams.
20221009 MN Collage Hr 2_4.png
Tyler Kline is a composer whose music has been performed across the United States, and internationally in Canada, Brazil and Romania. His compositional interests encompass a wide variety of styles and mediums, from acoustic chamber and large ensemble works to electronic and electroacoustic music. A native of Kentucky, he earned his Master of Music degree in Composition from the University of South Florida. Learn more at tylerklinemusic.com.