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What does Sarasota mean to you? Residents can have a hand in redesigning the city's seal

Sailboats in the water with the Sarasota city seal at the upper right
Daylina Miller/WUSF Public Media
Logo courtesy: City of Sarasota
The city of Sarasota is seeking the public's input into redesigning its city seal.

The city has launched a website and is now accepting submissions.

The city of Sarasota will be redesigning its 120-year-old seal, and is asking residents to offer their input into the final look.

The city has launched a website and begun a public design contest in which residents can submit their ideas of what Sarasota means to them.

The current seal, which was designed when the city was incorporated in 1902, features the words "May Sarasota Prosper" along with "a mullet, palmetto, and shells at the base," according to a press release.

The city is redesigning its seal as part of an effort that the Sarasota City Commission approved in 2021 to to rebrand the city and follows an online survey conducted in partnership with DreamLarge "on how the community sees Sarasota," the release read.

The public can submit their ideas through June 15. It's open to anyone regardless of age or skill level.

Entries can be submitted through the BrandSarasota.com website, and submissions will be available for public viewing.

Entries can also be mailed to DreamLarge, 1421 Blvd. of the Arts, Sarasota, FL 34236.

A panel will choose a top five that will go to the Sarasota City Commission for review in the late summer.

DreamLarge will then refresh the logo and present it to commissioners for their final approval in the fall.

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