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CENTCOM Sends Thanksgiving Meals to Troops in Afghanistan

Cpl. Timothy Lenzo
U.S. Marine Corps photo

Holidays are particularly tough for deployed military members thousands of miles away from family.

But the U.S. Central Command, based at Tampa's MacDill Air Force Base, has made certain the troops in Afghanistan will have a special meal according to Scott Anderson, Deputy Director of Logistics and Engineering for CENTCOM.

Anderson is in charge on the civilian side of making sure troops are properly supplied.

"The last I saw, we were nearing 100 percent ready for Thanksgiving. That means all the turkeys are there for our troops so they're ready to have a Thanksgiving meal on Thanksgiving," Anderson said. "And we'll turn to and get ready for Christmas. There are some special meals that we make sure our troops are taken care of."

Anderson served 30 years as a Marine Corps officer and knows how special a  turkey dinner can be to the tens of thousands of service members on the front lines.