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INTERACTIVE: Where Do Florida Members Of Congress Stand On Trump's Immigration Order?

Do you know where your congressional delegates stand on president Donald Trump's immigration order? 

NPR and dozens of member stations like WLRN wanted to help the public understand where its lawmakers stand on the issue. Collectively, we searched for public statements on Twitter and Facebook, on lawmakers' websites and in interviews with us in public media or other news organizations. We did this for each of the 536 members of Congress — 100 senators, 435 voting members of the House, and the District of Columbia's nonvoting House delegate.

President Trump's Executive Order suspended new refugee admissions for 120 days and blocked travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries -- Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya and Somalia -- for 90 days. Syrian refugees are banned indefinitely.

Using this interactive presentation, you can search the positions of all U.S. Representatives and Senators. For WLRN readers, our default is the Florida delegation. If our team of reporters  could not find a statement from a member of Congress on the issue, even if he or she has taken a position on previous bills aimed at restricting refugee access to the United States, we marked that member's position as "No Statement."

You can learn more about this project here and send feedback, as well as notices of change of positions by congress representatives, here


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