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Angelina, Angel Of Death


All right, here's a little bit of radio fiction. We're calling it a Two-Minute Noir. Any guy would gladly give up his life for her. She's Angelina, angel of death.


U: They say her name was Angelina.

U: Angel of Death.

U: They say she emanated a scent that attracted men.

U: Like a moth.

U: To a candle.

U: Like a fly.

U: To honey.

U: You got stuck.

U: Or you got burnt.

U: Angelina was beautiful.

U: There's plenty of beautiful things, but how many are worth dying for?

U: She loved playing with men.

U: Like a cat with a mouse. Artie jumped off a bridge.

U: Ciao.

U: Antonio drove his Ferrari into a tree.

U: So long.

U: Aaron blew his brains out. And that's just the ace.

U: And then there was the B's.

U: Barney, Buck, and Bert.

U: Poor sap.

U: They didn't stand a chance

U: And then came the C.

U: Charlie, Chet, and Chaz.

U: She was a kiss of death.

U: They say, God, could she ever kiss.

U: Pucker up and die.

U: She collected souls.

U: Like a bounty hunter.

U: For the devil himself.

U: Angelina.

U: Angel of death.

U: Pucker up and die.

U: And then one day, she met soulful Sammy.

U: Soulful Sammy.

U: They say he carried the weight of the world.

U: Sad Sammy.

U: They say hovering above his head was a tarnished halo.

U: She wanted his soul.

U: Angelina emanated her sweet scent.

U: She wove her spell.

U: She kissed his sad soulful lips.

U: His halo fell to the floor.

U: Along with the weight of the world.

U: And Sammy rose up into the air.

U: Or so they say.

U: And Sammy floated away.

U: And Angelina?

U: She picked up his tarnished halo. She tucked it in her arm, and she went away.

U: And the weight of the world?

U: Others came. They swept it up and carried it away.

U: Or so they say.

BRAND: That Two-Minute Noir was produced by Thomas Lopez and comes to us from the NPR series Hearing Voices. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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