African Snails Pose 'Major Threat' to Florida Crops

Apr 18, 2013
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Giant African land snails have invaded Florida and pose a "major threat" to the state's crops, according to Mark Fagan, a spokesperson for the Florida Department of Agriculture. "We're producing food that the nation depends on ... [and this snail] eats 500 different plants, including pretty much everything that grows in Florida," Fagan said. Experts say the snails were likely smuggled into the United States as pets or for religious uses. They're thriving in Florida, where the hot, humid climate closely resembles that of their native Nigeria.

Ker Than Published April 17, 2013 A new outbreak of giant, disease-carrying snails is threatening Florida's crops, experts say. The giant African land snail is finding itself right at home in the Sunshine State, whose hot and humid climate resembles the species' tropical Nigerian habitat.

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