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House Eyes Workers' Compensation Fee Cap

Jan 12, 2018

Fees for attorneys who represent claimants in workers’ compensation insurance cases would be capped at $150 an hour under a bill the Florida House considered Thursday.

Call it a mixed day for advocates of expanding treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder in first responders.

In Tallahassee, a bill to expand workers’ compensation benefits to first responders with PTSD cleared its first committee Tuesday. But the city of Eatonville could vote tonight to fire Omar Delgado, a police officer who developed PTSD responding to the Pulse nightclub shooting.

Workers' Comp Drops Off The Legislative Map

Oct 6, 2017

Just a year after dire predictions that the state's economy was in peril due to rising insurance costs, Florida businesses could see an average 9.3 percent reduction in workers' compensation premiums in the coming year under a rate filing Insurance Commissioner David Altmaier will consider later this month.

Cases Focus On Workers’ Comp Payment Disputes

May 31, 2017

Ambulatory-surgical centers and a major player in the hospital industry are challenging a state proposal that could affect payment disputes in the workers' compensation insurance system.

Judge Blocks Workers’ Compensation Rate Hike

Nov 28, 2016

Little more than a week before businesses were slated to get hit with increased workers' compensation insurance rates, a Leon County circuit judge Wednesday blocked the hike because of violations of Florida's Sunshine Law.

Workers’ Comp Rates Set To Rise Starting Dec. 1

Oct 5, 2016

Workers' compensation insurance rates will jump 14.5 percent starting Dec. 1, after a filing Tuesday that carried out a decision by state regulators.

Republican Leaders Expect Action on Workers’ Comp

Sep 30, 2016

With Florida businesses facing a 14.5 percent increase in workers' compensation insurance rates, state Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater and a key Republican senator said they expect lawmakers to take action during the 2017 legislative session.

Supreme Court Rejects Workers-Comp Challenge

Dec 27, 2015

The Florida Supreme Court has turned down a lawsuit that questioned the constitutionality of the state's workers-compensation insurance system -- though the system continues to face three other closely watched challenges at the high court.

Justices last week declined to take up a Miami-Dade County case that threatened the longstanding concept that disputes involving injured workers should be handled through the workers-compensation system instead of through civil lawsuits.

Injured Nurse Takes Aim At Workers' Comp Law

Nov 4, 2015

With the Florida Supreme Court agreeing last month to take up the case, an injured nurse has filed a brief challenging the constitutionality of the state's workers-compensation insurance system.

Workers Comp Rates To Drop 5.1 Percent

Nov 4, 2015

State regulators issued an order Tuesday that calls for overall workers-compensation insurance rates to drop by 5.1 percent next year.

Workers Comp Premiums Could Be Trimmed

Aug 24, 2015

State regulators will consider a proposal to reduce workers-compensation insurance premiums by an average of 2.2 percent in 2016, according to documents released Friday.

Appeal Filed In Major Workers Comp Case

Jul 13, 2015

The Florida Supreme Court could wade into a case that potentially has major implications for the state's workers-compensation insurance system.

The legal group Florida Workers Advocates last week asked justices to take up the case, according to an online docket.

Supreme Court Takes Up Battle Over Attorneys' Fees

Nov 6, 2014
Florida Supreme Court

In an issue watched closely by business, labor and trial-lawyer groups, the Florida Supreme Court on Wednesday weighed the constitutionality of limits on attorneys' fees in workers-compensation insurance cases.

Justices heard arguments in a case that stemmed from injuries suffered in 2009 by a South Florida man, Marvin Castellanos, during an altercation with another worker at their employer, Next Door Company. After a dispute about a workers-compensation claim, a judge approved $822.70 in benefits for Castellanos -- and a $164.54 fee for his attorney.