Tampa Theater

Tampa Theatre

The Motion Picture Association of America gives Tampa Theatre two thumbs up. Way up.

MPAA has just named Tampa's historic movie palace among the world's 10 best theaters. The rankings, which debuted this week on MPAA's news website, are based on "diversity of spirit, location, and architecture."

While it's an honor just to be nominated, coming in third place feels pretty good. Here's what the MPAA had to say about Tampa Theatre:

Dalia Colón / WUSF

Walking into the Tampa Theatre is like stepping back in time to a 1920s movie palace. But there's one feature about the downtown Tampa gem that will no longer be ancient: the picture and sound quality. WUSF's Dalia Colon stopped by Tampa Theatre on the night of its digital debut.

On a dreary Tuesday evening, David Camacho stood in line outside the Tampa Theatre with his son, Alex, and Alex's best friend, Michael Liang, both 9.

They were waiting for a screening of the art film Samsara, which the Tampa Theatre showed for free in honor of its digital debut. From here on out, the 1926 movie house will screen all films in digital picture and sound, with the exception of films only available in the old format.

Bobbie O'Brien

Members of Code Pink led the march in front of Tampa's historic Tampa Theatre past a long line of older people waiting for admittance into the Faith and Freedom rally.

The women dressed in hot pink outfits chanted "GOP hear our voice, it's our body, it's our choice."

The Code Pink protesters were followed by a larger, more vocally united march of dozens chanting "We are the 99 percent." They carried placards and posters. At the very front, several carried a banner that read:

"Mitt Romney: Come to Freeport, IL - Save SENSATA Jobs!"