Republican National Convention

This five-day forecast says it all. Isaac's track has shifted toward New Orleans and away from Florida.

Florida is no longer under a tropical storm warning. In fact, Tampa received little rain and only some gusty winds from Isaac.

Tampa has a history of being under the gun with early hurricane forecasts, and then dodging the bullet. Hurricane Charlie led to evacuations in Tampa Bay, but a last-minute course change led it to hit Port Charlotte instead.

Florida Republicans Having Fun At Crist's Expense

Aug 27, 2012
Fifth World Art / Flickr

Florida Republican's are having a grand time turning out one-liners mocking former Gov. Charlie Crist's endorsement of President Obama and upcoming speaking role at next week's Democratic National Convention.

Incoming House Speaker Will Weatherford, a Wesley Chapel Republican, used topical -- and tropical -- humor to jab Crist.

"Speaking of winds blowing and people shifting position," Weatherford said at a Florida delegate breakfast, referring to both Tropical Storm Isaac and Crist. Then Weatherford referred to Crist's oft-cited hug of President Obama.

Tampa Dodges Isaac, But Precautions Still Necessary

Aug 27, 2012
BayNews 9

Florida may have dodged Isaac, but that doesn't mean the Tampa Bay area is out of the woods.

Emergency officials earlier this morning canceled the tropical storm warning that has dogged much of Florida for days.

Crist to Speak at DNC Next Week

Aug 27, 2012

Former Gov. Charlie Crist will speak at the Democratic National Convention next week in Charlotte, according to ABC Action News.

A day has yet to be set.

The news follows Crist's announcement Sunday that he is endorsing President Barack Obama for reelection.

While the real Sarah Palin wasn't invited to speak at the Republican National Convention, someone who looks like her is speaking out in Tampa.

Adult entertainer, Lisa Ann, who starred in the 2008 film satirizing former republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, performed at Thee Dollhouse in Tampa.

During a press conference held at the club she discussed Palin, politics, and business with a room full of reporters.

Mark Schreiner / WUSF

From "Dogs Against Romney" to a giant melting ice sculpture meant to represent the middle class, Sunday was a busy day in downtown Tampa.

Gov. Scott to Address Delegates

Aug 27, 2012

He isn't speaking at the Republican National Convention, but Gov. Rick Scott will talk to delegates this morning about Isaac.

Scott plans to address delegates at Innisbrook Resort and Spa in Palm Harbor at 8:30 a.m., updating them on a tropical storm that won't pack quite the punch originally expected.

Steve Newborn / WUSF

Delegates were treated to a giant party - and protesters tried to rain on their political parade -  as the first activities began Sunday at the Republican National Convention.

Scenes From The Ron Paul Sun Dome Rally

Aug 26, 2012
John O'Connor / WUSF

U.S. Rep. Ron Paul wrapped up his third presidential bid at a rally Sunday.

Thousands filled the Sun Dome on the University of South Florida campus to listen to Paul speak for more than hour.

Paul told the faithful not to give up even though Republicans have tried to shut him out.

"We'll get into the tent, believe me," Paul said of joining the GOP 'big tent' philosophy, "because we'll become the tent.

"So this to me is exciting with the energy that we have," he said. "It seems to me that they would be begging and pleading for us to come into the party."

Mark Schreiner / WUSF 89.7 News

Despite a delay to the start of the Republican National Convention, Monday's major protest march in downtown Tampa is scheduled to go on.

Jared Hamil, spokesman for the Coalition to March on the RNC, says he hasn't heard of many cancellations among the expected 5,000 protesters, so they'll brave the storm.

"The weather is not working in our favor, but we will be wet, we will be angry, but we'll still be here," Hamil said during a Sunday press conference in Perry Harvey, Sr. Park, where Monday's events will start with a 10 a.m. rally.

RNC Releases New Schedule

Aug 26, 2012
David Goldman / Associated Press

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush will address the Republican National Convention on Thursday, with other changes in a new schedule released this evening.

Organizers were considering extending the convention, delayed a day due to Tropical Storm Isaac, but the new schedule does not reflect that change.

Bobbie O'Brien

Members of Code Pink led the march in front of Tampa's historic Tampa Theatre past a long line of older people waiting for admittance into the Faith and Freedom rally.

The women dressed in hot pink outfits chanted "GOP hear our voice, it's our body, it's our choice."

The Code Pink protesters were followed by a larger, more vocally united march of dozens chanting "We are the 99 percent." They carried placards and posters. At the very front, several carried a banner that read:

"Mitt Romney: Come to Freeport, IL - Save SENSATA Jobs!"

Scott Finn / WUSF

Frankly, I expected more.

Here are the entire contents of the "Busch Gardens" bag given to the media today:

- "No Apologies" by Mitt Romney

- Battery-powered mini-fan from

- Sunglasses from

- Suncreen from (guess who?)

- A magazine I had not heard of called "Baypop" with glossy models sporting Young Republican gear

- Two brochures from the University of Tampa (what, no University of South Florida?)

- The official media guide and regular guide to the convention

Metal Chris / Flickr

With thousands of out-of-town reporters expected this week, it’s inevitable Tampa gets reduced to a series of exotic stereotypes.

There’s the strippers.

And that Tampa is an anti-urbanism dystopia run by paranoid conservatives.

Monday's A Wash - And Not Just for the RNC

Aug 26, 2012

No Lynyrd Skynyrd. No Ann Romney. No Joe Biden.

And no school for thousands of Tampa Bay area students, including those in Hillsborough and Pinellas counties.

Mitt Romney, 65, has spent the better part of a decade running for president. And as the son of a Michigan governor who headed a Detroit auto company, he's been in the public eye much longer.

Yet the former Massachusetts governor has remained an enigma to many voters, his political positions malleable, and much of his business and private life — including his Mormon religion — intentionally obscured.

Or simply declared off limits, like years of his tax returns.

Isaac Poses Problems for RNC Protesters

Aug 26, 2012
Eric Mennel

With Tropical Storm Isaac looming, demonstrators in the downtown Tampa tent encampment known as “Romneyville” are short on emergency plans. 

"We’re not sure what to do at this point," says Jared Bay, one of the protesters living in Romneyville. "It will come through and just rip a tent apart. A tent won’t make it."

They’re hoping the city will find some space where the group can ride it out.

GOP Convention Start Delayed Until Tuesday

Aug 25, 2012

The Republican National Convention won't officially start until Tuesday, thanks to Tropical Storm Isaac.

Committee Chairman Reince Priebus announced this evening in a prepared statement that due to severe weather reports, the convention would convene on Monday then immediately recess until Tuesday.

"After consulting with Governor Scott, NOAA and local emergency management officials, we are optimistic that we will begin an exciting, robust convention that will nominate the Romney-Ryan ticket," Priebus said.

New Republic: Romney's Lost August

Aug 25, 2012

Nate Cohn is a staff writer at The New Republic.

Saddled with low favorability ratings and an unpopular party, the Romney campaign entered the month of August with one imperative: change the public's negative perception of their candidate. But rather than make progress in August, Boston forfeited the entire month — one third of the time prior to the election. That stunning act of political malpractice has raised the stakes of the upcoming GOP convention: Romney needs to make a good showing in Tampa, otherwise it may simply be too late for him to pull off a victory.

Tropical Storm Isaac has been difficult to track, but its potential to affect Florida has caused the Republican National Convention to change its plans. Events for Monday have been canceled, though the committee will convene briefly. As Alan Greenblatt reported for It's All Politics, this is now the second-consecutive Republican National Convention to be delayed by a storm.

Update at 8:55 p.m. ET. Nomination Delayed: