Exquisite Corpse Games

St. Petersburg is hosting an evening of artistic collaboration at the Exquisite Corpse Games.

The bar parlor game has grown into an international collaboration of artistic ideas. The Museum of Fine Arts will host the third annual unveiling Thursday at 6 p.m., which is free to the public.

If you Google the phrase “Miami inmates,” you’ll likely find stories about criminals and statistics about prisoners.

But a project called View-Through is trying to trick the Google search algorithm and introduce poems written by incarcerated South Floridians to those results.

Ryan Johnson Photography

While USF English professor Jay Hopler's new book is inspired by one of the most painful things a person can experience -- the death of a parent -- the work is nominated for one of literature's leading awards.

It's been 17 years since former Mayor Dick Greco named James E. Tokley as Tampa's Poet Laureate. Today, the Hillsborough County Commission approved Tokley as Hillsborough County's Official Poet Laureate.

"Some of the poems that he writes just grab you by the heart and you just can't turn loose when you hear him speak," said commissioner Les Miller.

Tokley told the commissioners of a recent conversation he had with Bay News 9's Dalia Dangerfield, when she asked him what he would say when he was presented with the new title.