New Laws: Parasailing, Open Records, Pharmacies

Sep 26, 2014

Long-sought regulations on Florida's commercial parasailing industry, along with a measure about crimes against unborn children, are among 32 laws that go into effect Wednesday.

A number of the new laws, signed by Gov. Rick Scott after the 2014 legislative session, involve public-records exemptions, including one to allow some university boards to meet in private to discuss donors and research funding.

Parasailing Rules Soar Through Senate

Mar 11, 2014
Associated Press

A long-sought effort to impose regulations on the parasailing industry glided Monday through its second Senate committee.

The Senate Commerce and Tourism Committee unanimously supported a measure (SB 320) that would prohibit parasailing operations when sustained winds are 20 mph or higher or when lightning storms are within seven miles.

The bill, which comes after similar proposals repeatedly failed in past legislative sessions, also would require parasailing operators to have at least $1 million in liability coverage.

Parasailing Regulations Get Launched in Senate

Feb 14, 2014
Associated Press

An effort to impose minimum regulations on the parasailing industry, aided by video of a ghastly accident last summer that went viral on the Internet, is starting to get off the ground in the state Legislature.