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A special election will be held Feb. 13  in Sarasota to replace State Representative Alex Miller, who resigned in September. Three political newcomers are on the ballot - including a third-party candidate. But do non-traditional candidates really stand much of a chance of winning?

Adrian Wyllie resigned as chairman of the state Libertarian Party to protest Invictus’ candidacy last week, detailing his decision in a Facebook post and alleging Invictus wants to lead a civil war in the country, recruit neo-Nazis to the party and supported a eugenics program. “Clearly, this man is the absolute antitheses of a Libertarian. Violent Fascist and Neo-Nazi ideologies are completely incompatible with Libertarian values,” Wyllie’s post states. According to the Associated Press, Invictus admitted to sacrificing a goat in the Mojave Desert as part of a pagan ritual two years ago.