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12:10 pm
Fri March 27, 2015

New DJJ Secretary Christy Daly Breezes Through Senate Confirmation Hearing

DJJ Secretary Christy Daly being sworn in during her Senate confirmation hearing Monday.

Originally published on Fri March 27, 2015 11:30 am

The newly appointed head of Florida’s juvenile justice system breezed through her recent initial confirmation hearing in the Senate.

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10:52 am
Thu March 26, 2015

Bills Reforming Way Juveniles Can Be Charged As Adults Moving In Fla. Legislature

Originally published on Thu March 26, 2015 4:07 am

A bill reforming the way state prosecutors can charge juveniles as adults is starting to move in both chambers of the Florida Legislature.

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8:00 am
Sun March 22, 2015

State Supreme Court Extends Federal Ruling About Juvenile Sentencing

Originally published on Mon March 23, 2015 10:05 am

The Florida Supreme Court has reached a groundbreaking decision about inmates who were sentenced to mandatory life in prison without parole for crimes they committed while they were still kids.

The decision makes 2012's Miller v. Alabama apply retroactively. It was a U.S. Supreme Court decision that ruled mandatory life sentences without the opportunity for release were cruel and unusual.

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Law & Order
8:11 pm
Sat March 21, 2015

Bill Allowing Victims To Secretly Record Abusers Passes Florida House

Originally published on Fri March 20, 2015 6:03 pm

A bill allowing victims of sexual and physical abuse to secretly record their attackers to use as evidence in court passed the Florida House.

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9:12 pm
Fri March 20, 2015

Criminologist Doesn't Sweat Campus Guns

Sen. Greg Evers, R-Baker, wants college campuses armed

Originally published on Fri March 20, 2015 5:28 pm

A Florida State University expert says statistics are on the side of Republican lawmakers who want to allow concealed weapons on campus.

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9:27 pm
Wed March 18, 2015

Record Number Of Inmate Deaths Has Florida Prisons On The Defensive

Latandra Ellington, 36, was serving time for tax fraud at Lowell Correctional Institution when she died.
Florida Department of Corrections

Originally published on Wed March 18, 2015 6:27 pm

A record number of inmates – 346 people — died behind bars in Florida last year.

Most were from natural causes, but a series of suspicious deaths have raised questions about safety in the prisons. Federal and state law enforcement agencies are now investigating why so many inmates have been dying.

Latandra Ellington, 36, was serving time for tax fraud at Lowell Correctional Institution in central Florida when she died. Algarene Jennings, Ellington's aunt, believes she was murdered.

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Law & Order
10:37 pm
Mon March 16, 2015

After More Testimony, More Changes Could Be In Store For Omnibus Prison Reform Package

Judy Thompson, President of the Forgotten Majority, is holding up a letter of an inmate, who wrote about abuse he encountered within Florida's prison system.

Originally published on Mon March 16, 2015 6:50 pm

A panel of Florida lawmakers is continuing a discussion into reforming the state’s troubled prison system by hearing testimony about widespread corruption and abuse within the prison walls.

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11:30 am
Fri March 13, 2015

In Ferguson, The Shooting Of 2 Officers Stirs A Long-Simmering Anxiety

Demonstrators hold a prayer service near the Ferguson police station on Thursday. Prayers were said for both activists and the two police officers who had been shot earlier in the day.
Scott Olson Getty Images

Originally published on Fri March 13, 2015 11:18 am

For members of the Ferguson, Mo., community, the shooting of two police officers Thursday morning has ratcheted up an anxiety that's already long been simmering. As a manhunt continues Friday, one need only visit the blocks around the Ferguson Police Department to get a sense of that tension.

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6:00 am
Fri March 13, 2015

Red Light Camera Measure Moves Forward In The House

House plans for red light cameras would prohibit using them for right on red violations.

Originally published on Thu March 12, 2015 5:52 pm

A House measure placing greater restrictions on the use of red light cameras passed its first committee this week.  While it differs from a similar proposal in the Senate, the arguments against it sound about the same.

Sen. Jeff Brandes (R-St.Petersburg) is shepherding a bill through the Senate that calls for new requirements on red light cameras.  Namely, jurisdictions that employ cameras would need to submit annual reports and show they’ve already tried alternative safety measures before setting up any new ones. 

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Law & Order
9:33 pm
Thu March 12, 2015

Department Of Corrections Workers Share Their View From The Inside

Originally published on Sun March 15, 2015 12:00 pm

Florida prisons are getting a shake down after reports of corruption and prisoner abuse. Now Senators are asking those with an inside view to help give them a better understanding of what’s happening in Florida’s prisons.

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Law & Order
9:26 pm
Thu March 12, 2015

Senate To Evacuees: 'Show Us Your Guns'

Sen. Jeff Brandes hopes a new and improved evacuation gun bill scores a bullseye this year.
Credit Florida Senate

Florida has dodged a bullet in recent years when it comes to hurricanes, but that hasn’t stopped gun-loving conservatives from looking ahead to the next emergency. A Senate committee Thursday approved a measure giving evacuees the right to bear arms.

Temperatures and tempers soaring, some residents snapped after Hurricane Andrew leveled South Miami in August, 1992. Fights broke out in long lines for ice. There was looting.

Is that the right atmosphere to encourage survivors to haul out their guns?

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Law & Order
10:19 am
Tue March 10, 2015

Shooting Victim's Father: Stop Guns On Campus

Florida A&M University Police Chief Terence Calloway joins protest against "guns on campus" legislation

Originally published on Mon March 9, 2015 6:42 pm

Angry students and a grieving parent unloaded Monday on Florida lawmakers who want to make it legal to carry concealed weapons on college campuses. The father of a 20-year-old University of California shooting victim warned more students would die.

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Law & Order
3:36 pm
Mon March 9, 2015

Bill Seeks to Restrict Red-Light Camera Use

A new legislative proposal by Florida Sen.  Jeff Brandes would place greater restrictions on how cities use red-light cameras.

The St. Petersburg Republican, who has been an outspoken critic of the use of the cameras, says they are being used to fill city and county coffers, not improve public safety.

“We’re bringing in 100 million dollars a year,  and we can’t look our constituents in the eye and tell them we’re making them any safer, ”he said. “And I think that - that deeply troubles me. It deeply, deeply troubles me,” he said.

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12:09 pm
Sat March 7, 2015

Red Light Cameras At A Crossroads?

Florida legislation could impose greater state oversight on red light cameras.

Originally published on Fri March 6, 2015 6:01 pm

Using cameras to write tickets was greenlit years ago, but now a state lawmaker is calling for those green lights to turn yellow.  As Nick Evans reports, Senator Jeff Brandes is pushing for municipalities to report on existing red light cameras and try alternative measures before setting up more.

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10:20 pm
Wed March 4, 2015

Fla. Prison Reform Package Clears Another Panel, But Not Without Bipartisan Concerns

Sen. Greg Evers (R-Baker) listening to Senate Democratic Leader Arthenia Joyner on her thoughts on his omnibus prison reform bill Wednesday.
Florida Channel

Originally published on Wed March 4, 2015 7:16 pm

A comprehensive prison reform package cleared another Senate committee Wednesday. But, at the bill’s next stop, the measure may look a little different due to some bipartisan concerns with the omnibus bill.

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