Ireland Nugent

A Highlands County 2-year-old is in critical condition after his mother accidentally backed over his leg with a riding lawn mower, the Tampa Bay Times reports. It’s not known what type of mower she was operating -- newer models have a safety feature that stops the spinning blades when the machine is in reverse. In recent months, two other young children have been seriously injured in riding lawn mower accidents in Tampa Bay.

Palm Harbor Patch

Toddlers usually are wary of prostheses, and the 2-year-old Pinellas child had been waiting for five hours. So when Ireland Nugent got the chance to try out her prosthetic legs, she forged ahead like a trouper, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

Tampa Bay Times

Ireland Nugent, the 2-year-old Palm Harbor girl who had both of her legs severed at mid-calf in an accident last month has been released from the hospital.

The Tampa Bay Times reports she went home from Tampa General Hospital Saturday. She had undergone seven surgeries and three skin grafts since her father accidentally ran her legs over with a riding lawn mower on April 11.