Hurricane Andrew

Florida Public Radio Emergency Network

For an entire generation in South Florida, Hurricane Andrew was the monster storm that reshaped a region. Irma is likely to blow that out of the water.

Do you want to vigorously dab, protest, Goth dance, or shoot a Ki blast cannon (a Dragon Ball Z attack) at Hurricane Irma to shoo it away? How about spin your arms really fast or spin your fidget fingers to ward off the impending storm?

While Facebook cancellations for regularly scheduled events are streaming in, a new kind of event has been popping up: any and all kind of rituals to try and convince the weather gods and goddesses that Florida is not the place for Hurricane Irma.

A Look Back At Hurricane Andrew 25 Years Later

Aug 24, 2017
National Weather Service

Hurricane Andrew, a Category 5 hurricane struck south of Miami on Aug. 24, 1992, killing 15 people and indirectly causing the deaths of 25 more in Miami-Dade County alone. This is the account on the front page as it appeared in the Miami Herald 25 years ago.