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On Monday, the Federal Aviation Administration announced a plan for hobbyists to register their drones. 

Drones, Drugs and More: 150 New Laws Take Effect in Florida Today

Jul 1, 2013
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An overhaul of high school graduation standards, an attempt to ban bongs and additional restrictions on abortion are on a long list of new Florida laws that take effect today.

A measure that critics contend will speed up executions in Florida also is scheduled to take effect, although the Timely Justice Act has already sparked a legal challenge.

More than 150 new laws passed by the Florida Legislature and signed into law by Gov. Rick Scott take effect today. They include the state's $74.1 billion budget, with $480 million that legislators set aside for teacher pay raises.

Courtesy of Stetson University

This week, the Florida Senate passed the Freedom from Unwanted Surveillance Act, which prevents law enforcement agencies from using drones for routine surveillance. The bill, which passed quickly and unanimously, does allow for the use of unmanned aircraft in special cases, like the threat of a terrorist attack.

During a luncheon speech on drones Thursday at Stetson University College of Law in Gulfport, homeland security expert Michael Barton said citizens concerned about drones aren't just being paranoid.

Courtesy US Air Force

The Global Hawk drone is known for raining fire in war zones far from the United States. But now, NASA is using the planes to check out hurricanes, as reported in Florida Today.