carol gentry

After more than four decades as a journalist, Health News Florida’s founder and former editor Carol Gentry is retiring from WUSF Public Media.

Have you missed the Veterans’ Day parade or the ceremony at your local VA National Cemetery?

Well, there’s still time to show your appreciation for the men and women who have served or are currently serving in the Armed Forces. Here are a few suggestions you can practice year-round:

We have big news today here at WUSF Public Media.  Health News Florida, a non-profit website with a substantial following, is now part of WUSF.

This means we're also being joined by Health News Florida founder and editor Carol Gentry, who is a former reporter for the Wall Street Journal.

I'm personally very excited to have someone of Carol's caliber coming to work with us at WUSF. It's just part of our commitment to provide in-depth coverage of health, education and other issues that are important to you.