Board of Medicine

Justices Stay Out Of Medical Records Fee Fight

Oct 24, 2017

The Florida Supreme Court on Monday declined to wade into a battle about how much patients should be charged for copies of medical records.

The Florida Board of Medicine is preparing to vote on rules for doctors recommending medical cannabis.

A Florida lawmaker wants to put some regulations in place for laser hair removal technicians.

A doctor accused of giving a toddler a fatal dose of an unapproved drug was declared “very, very dangerous” at a meeting of the Florida Board of Medicine on Friday. But she escaped serious discipline by agreeing to go away and stay away.

Orthopedic surgeon Edward Homan, who served eight years in the Florida House of Representatives, is the latest high-profile physician to be publicly embarrassed after operating on the wrong side of a patient.

Homan, who served as president of the Hillsborough County Medical Association and was chief of staff at a Tampa hospital for many years, must appear before the Florida Board of Medicine on Friday.

Sarasota urologist  Ronald Wheeler says he's going to continue doing a controversial prostate-cancer treatment, even though an FDA panel recently voted against it and even though the state could punish him for it.

Because the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not approved the French device that Wheeler uses for high-intensity focused ultrasound, called HIFU, he has been treating his patients in Mexico.

A doctor who got into trouble for sexting at work will be called before the Florida Board of Medicine on Friday to explain why he should be allowed to keep practicing.

Dr. Tuan Kishfran Imran Dean, a family practitioner in The Villages, was working at a Doctor Today walk-in clinic in Lakeland when he displayed inappropriate conduct in August 2011, according to Department of Health records.

Dr. Betty Jo Carter, who practices medicine out of her home in Ruskin, will come before the Florida Board of Medicine on Friday on charges of speeding the death of a dying man with big doses of morphine and other painkillers.

That’s what the autopsy said killed Gary Lazar, who was suffering major organ failure, but Carter – who was Lazar’s friend and slept at his house to take care of him in his final days -- denied overmedicating him on purpose. He died in February 2012.

An effort to rein in a weight-loss fad that the FDA calls risky ran into a wall Thursday night at a Florida Board of Medicine hearing in Deerfield Beach.

Assistant Attorney General Ed Tellechea, the board’s general counsel, told members that state boards and agencies are no longer allowed to enact rules that could be costly to small businesses. HCG weight-loss clinics meet that definition.

Record Fees Going Up

Dec 6, 2013

Patients and their lawyers face a potentially steep increase in the cost of obtaining copies of their medical records following action by the Florida Board of Medicine on Friday. 

The board, meeting in Orlando, voted unanimously to raise the cap on charges for copying to $1 a page "or actual cost," whichever is less. It makes no difference whether the copies are paper or electronic.

The new charges will not take effect right away, because the board has to start all over again on the rule-making process. That typically takes months.

They call them the "Bollywood Oscars." And in April, tens of thousands of people are expected to stream into the Tampa Bay area to attend the International Indian Film Awards. On Tuesday, a couple of the hottest stars in Indian cinema came to Tampa to kick off ticket sales for its American debut.

A Tampa Bay anesthesiologist convicted of possessing child pornography,  Dr. James D. Murphy Jr., escaped a jail sentence. He hoped to keep his medical license and eventually return to practice.

Department of Health prosecutors were willing. But the Board of Medicine was most emphatically not.

On Friday, when Murphy’s case came before the board at its meeting in Tampa, members said there is no way they would let him return to practice.

“I would be horrified if my 19-year-old daughter went under anesthesia with (Murphy),” said Dr. Onelia Lage of Miami.


A Pasco County internist accused of sexually touching women at his office will be suspended from practice for at least six months and must undergo a full psychiatric evaluation to determine his future. 

Dr. Gunwalt Dhaliwal of New Port Richey agreed to the terms offered by the Florida Board of Medicine on Friday morning in Deerfield Beach after some members indicated they might otherwise seek to revoke his license or permanently block him from seeing female patients.

“This settlement keeps the public safe, and keeps women safe,” said board member Dr. Onelia Lage of Miami.