Florida lawmakers are trying to establish a pilot program to help newborns exposed to addictive drugs while in their mother’s womb.

Florida pediatricians will be able to test babies for more diseases under a new law signed by Governor Rick Scott.

The number of newborns who are physically dependent on drugs in Florida has nearly doubled since 2010, according to The News-Press.

Robin Adkins Vosler is a planner. At just 11 weeks pregnant -- hardly even showing -- she had already amassed quite the wardrobe for her unborn son or daughter.

"Literally, probably for already the last year, I have been buying baby clothes. I find designer baby clothes in Salvation Army all the time," said Vosler, of Seminole Heights. "So my husband told me I had this one box to fill, and when the box was filled, that was it. I mean, I have Buccaneer stuff and Super Bowl stuff. It's hilarious. But now I have a great collection of boy's and girl's designer baby clothes." Baby clothes aren’t the only thing Vosler needs to plan for. By the time she delivers her first child in August, she’ll be 35.