Why USF Tuition Could Decrease Next Year

Feb 13, 2014

Lower student fees leave more money for the important things, like pizza and iTunes downloads.
Credit USF University Communications and Marketing

Good news for broke college students -- which, last time we checked, was every college student. The price of attending the University of South Florida could actually decrease a bit next year.

This morning, the USF Board of Trustees voted to freeze most student fees and lower others, 10 News reports.

Current student fees average about $3,250 per year, covering expenses like athletics and lab use. Undergraduate students on the USF Tampa campus pay about $6,335.70 per year, based on 30 credit hours.

Also in today's Board of Trustees meeting, students, faculty and administrators recommended raising the per-credit-hour fee by $2. The Florida Legislature will have the final say on tuition and fees this spring.

The last time the overall cost of attending USF dropped was in the 1987-88 academic year, when students saw a 40-cent drop from the previous year.

In today's economy, that buys about two packs of ramen noodles.