WATCH: Family Donates St. Petersburg Island as Bird Sanctuary

Nov 21, 2012

Howard Miller watches pelicans nesting on the island his family donated to the Audubon Society as a sanctuary for birds.
Credit Alex Cook / WUSF News

Howard Miller spent his childhood at his grandparents' hotel in St. Petersburg, rowing out to the small mangrove island just offshore to see the local birds.

The family sold the hotel, but still owned the island.

When the National Audubon Society, a non-profit bird conservation organization, approached Miller about taking control of the island as a bird sanctuary, the rest of the family immediately agreed.

"This island will be protected by the Audubon Society henceforth," said Ann Paul, a representative of the group. "We can look forward to having birds grow and raise their families on this island for generations."

Tour the island with Miller and Paul in the video below.