Tampa Police Program Keeps Watch On Homes Of Holiday Travelers

Dec 20, 2017

As many Tampa residents are getting ready to travel to their holiday destination, the Tampa Police Department is trying to keep safe what is left behind.

As part of the Vacation Watch Program, Tampa residents can sign up to have police officers keep tabs on their home while they are on vacation.

Janelle McGregor is a spokesperson for the Tampa Police Department. McGregor says more than 1,000 Tampa travelers have signed up for the program.

"If the officers who are on routine patrol in your neighborhood know that you're not home and they see some suspicious activity going on at your residence, they can take action right then and there," she said.

Police say they are not looking to replace the typical relationship of neighbors watching other neighbors homes while away. Instead, McGregor said police can provide an extra layer of vigilance.

"This is another example of just community members and police officers working hand-in-hand to reduce and prevent crimes from taking place," she said.

To sign up for the Vacation Watch Program, visit the program page.

Tampa police are asking residents to fill out the program form a few days before they plan on leaving the Tampa Bay area.