Scott's Opposition to Health Law Thawing?

Nov 12, 2012

Gov. Rick Scott's introduction to politics was his multimillion-dollar fight against Barack Obama's health proposals even before the President was elected in 2008. His opposition to what became the Patient Protection and Affordability Act, signed into law in 2010, has never wavered.

Until now, perhaps. On Friday, only two days after reiterating his "just say no" stance, Scott's office released a statement that read: "Just saying 'no" is not an answer," according to The Palm Beach Post.

It was word-for-word what the incoming Senate President, Don Gaetz, had said, The Miami Herald reported. So a window of opportunity seems to be opening for compromise.

Happily for Florida, the Obama administration on Friday issued an extension of the deadline for states to declare their intentions if they want to run or participate in a health exchange, Kaiser Health News reports. An exchange will be an online shopping place for individuals and small businesses to look for coverage.  The original deadline would have been this Friday, Nov. 16.

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Gov. Rick Scott may be willing to discuss the health law.
Credit The Office of Governor