Opinion Pollster Says Some Surprising Findings For Potential Senate Matchup

Oct 24, 2017

A new poll out of the University of North Florida says a potential 2018 matchup for the U-S Senate seat held by Democrat Bill Nelson between the incumbent and Republican Governor Rick Scott is too tight to call.

Michael Binder directs the UNF public opinion research lab. 

"The really surprising aspect for me was the fact that 49 percent of the sample didn't know how to rate Bill Nelson on his job approval. And that's a really shocking number for a three-term sitting U.S. Senator," Binder said.

In the past, Binder said, Nelson really hasn't had much competition for his Senate seat. And he said Nelson needs to raise his profile across the state with more "face time" before the voters. That's something that Governor Scott has gotten a lot of lately, with the hurricanes.