Nan Rich Makes Her Case to be Governor

Sep 3, 2013

Currently, there’s only one Florida Democrat actively campaigning for governor; Nan Rich joins WUSF this week for a special Newsmaker edition of Florida Matters.

The former state lawmaker and senate minority leader gives her assessment of Republican Gov. Rick Scott’s first term in office, which she likened to a dictatorship.

Florida Matters host Carson Cooper and Nan Rich, a Democrat hoping to be her party's candidate for governor.
Credit Bobbie O'Brien / WUSF Public Media

“The problem with his administration is that he believes he doesn’t have to talk to legislators,” Rich said.

And Rich pulls no punches taking on her own party for excluding her from addressing the statewide Jefferson Jackson annual dinner in June. Rich said the party’s snub at the dinner was a “mistake” and “wrong.”

Outside of South Florida, few know Rich. So, Florida Matters host Carson Cooper asked the former lawmaker how her friends and foes describe her.

Learn where Rich stands on charter schools, college tuition, Medicaid expansion, tax cuts and more. You also can watch video portions of the Florida Matters Show.