Listen: President Trump's Speech At MacDill AFB

Feb 6, 2017

President Donald Trump spoke Monday afternoon at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, where he addressed the troops of U.S. Central Command and U.S. Special Operations Command.

There, he pledged to honor the men and women of the military, and vowed he will give them the "tools to get the job done."

"You've shed your blood across the continents and the oceans, you've engaged the enemies on distant battlefields, toiled in the burning heat and bitter cold and sacrificed everything so that we can remain safe and strong and free," he said. "Our administration will always honor our sacred bond to those who serve. And we will never, ever forget you. Believe me - we will never, ever forget you."

At MacDill, the president pledged to uphold his campaign promise to make U.S. allies pay more for their defense.

"We strongly support NATO," he said. "We only ask that all of the NATO members make their full and proper financial contributions to the NATO alliance, which many of them have not been doing. Many of them have not been even close - and they have to do that."

He also vowed to defeat "radical Islamic terrorism" and said he won't allow it to take root in this country.

"We need strong programs, so that people that love us and want to love our country - and will end up loving our country - are allowed in," he said. "Not people that want to destroy us and destroy our country."